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My boyfriend (19) has a VR headset and he’s mentioned VR porn before but I never really thought much about It.

Today however we were just generally chitchatting over text and he said he’d had a good day, downloaded some horror simulators for his headset and also watched some VR porn.

Now I’ve never watched VR porn but from what I’ve heard it sounds like it’s made to look like you’re having sex with someone else, and if so, this really freaks me out. So for any guys, or even girls (specifically in relationships) who use VR porn could you maybe enlighten me as to why you use it?

The main thing that creeps me out is the fact my boyfriend would want to imagine he’s having sex with someone else? I don’t know, am I just overreacting or would anybody else feel the same? I struggle to accept my body as it is as I deal with an eating disorder, so my negative mind is now telling me he prefers his VR porn sessions rather than having sex with me.

It just makes me feel slightly insecure, but I think when I see him tomorrow I’ll bring it up to him as we’re very open and I don’t want this to worry me.

I’d just like some advice if anybody has any to give on this situation :)

XXX industry has high hopes for Oculus Go

Sex Chat Live in VR! 

The adult industry has high hopes for the Oculus Go Porn.

Whilst we'll never see porn in the Oculus store there's no chance that it will be blocked from the internet browser (or worst case a form of proof of age might be required one day). Either way, adult porn businesses just love the Oculus Go.


Some porn businesses are already reporting a significant boost in VR Porn downloads since the release of the $200 device. Andreas Hronopoulos (CEO of Naughty America) has said that a combination of the price, portability and ease of use of the Oculus Go makes it the perfect VR Porn viewer. And even know we know Oculus nor Facebook will admit this they know that VR Porn is going to be one of the biggest reasons people are buying one.

The head of BaDoinkVR Xavi Clos has said pretty much said the same thing as the CEO of NA, and also claimed the Facebook has become an unexpected ally for the VR Porn world.

There isn't much information on exactly how big the market is (wonder why!) but there are dozen's of thriving companies that deliver porn for Virtual Reality. And whilst Facebook nor Oculus will be boasting about how good the Oculus Go is for watching VR Porn you can rest easy knowing that plenty of other companies will fill that gap (including ourselves!).

No matter whether you watch porn on the Oculus Go or just play movies or games it's still an incredible device for the money and as mentioned in our China article stocks are already running low, thankfully with the mighty backing of Facebook this won't be for long. When I ordered mine I was originally limited to 3 orders, but shortly after I noticed this number went up to 20, which is quite incredible and exciting!

This Oculus Go Porn article was inspired by a post from variety, so if you want to read the full article you can do so here.


vrporn.com now accepts Litecoin

Sex Chat Live in VR! 

Some techy news! (I am a complete nerd btw). You can now join vrporn.com's premium service with Litecoin! Why is this good news? Litecoin is not managed by a central authority, it's anonymous and easy to use.

Litecoin Cryptocurrency is a great option for porn related content because it’s not only anonymous but it removes the middleman and has low fees.


VR porn is a hot subject right now and it is continuing to be a growing trend and VRPorn.com is the biggest virtual reality site in the world with millions of visitors a month.

VRPorn.com Premium has been referred to as the “Netflix of VR Porn” by some major news outlets and porn sites because it offers nearly a thousand full VR experiences, from over 25 different top studios from around the world, all in a single subscription membership (which can be stopped at anytime without hassle, and 'vrporn' isn't mentioned on the bill in case you're wondering!).

VRPorn.com decided on Litecoin as the first cryptocurrency to accept because it is a top-tier coin with many unique benefits for the end-user. Litecoin’s fast confirmation times, low fees, and liquidity make it perfect for payments to adult websites. Litecoin also has a fantastic development team and strong community behind it.

Also notable is that Litecoin has a very secure and robust network. It’s one of the longest running coins and has an immense amount of hash power behind it. Further, the network is well-distributed, making it very difficult to be hacked.

Porn often helps drive technology, and this can be seen in the field of virtual reality, and now cryptocurrency. Virtual reality is the perfect space for virtual currency to grow.

China's version of the Oculus Go (Mi VR) sold out in China in 24 hours!

Sex Chat Live in VR! 

You know we just LOVE the Oculus Go right?

Well so does China! Typically, hardware from Western markets is difficult to sell in Asian countries but the MI VR sold out within a day and is now limit due to stock availability.

Some stores have reported that their stock was sold within minutes, which is incredible!


Greenlight Insights (XR intelligence firm) estimates, show that 30k Oculus Go / Mi VR headsets were sold within just 24 hours, and like I just mentioned that was limited only by the amount of ready stock. At the Xiaomi site they sold all of theirs in just thee minutes! At JD.com all of the 32 Gigabyte versions were soold in a few hours. This is huge news and just goes to show that Oculus really know their product.

On the official Mi VR website 50k potential customers have signed up to be notified when more of the headsets will be available after the stock has been replenished.

The current sales figures show that 33.3k 32Gb headsets old, and 24k of the 64Gb version - and both are entirely sold out.

Good job China! So happy that they're just as excited about the Oculus Go as we are, looking forward to meeting and playing with you all in Virtual Reality : )