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I've discovered the future of VR Sex (via Reddit)

I had an experience very recently that positively blew my mind. Seriously have never enjoyed porn that much before, ever.


The setup:


I'm an avid user of Virt-a-Mate (a very customizable VR adult porn "game"), and also a lover of automated sex toys. I have a still-functioning Realtouch unit, which if you have never experienced one, is unfortunate since it is no longer available.


The Realtouch has independently moving belts for top and bottom of a male's "organ", heating elements for the belts, an orifice at the front that squeezes, and a pump and reservoir so that it self-lubes while you "play". It connects to the PC via a power/data box, and synchronizes all of its haptic elements to the action on-screen using a pre-written script.


I've been working on an entry for the VaM scene contest hosted by VRPorn.com, and I had a bit of inspiration. Since my Realtouch was back up and running after a DIY repair, I wondered what it would be like to write a script to synchronize the motions of my VaM scene. So I spent a couple of days creating a haptic script using OneTouch Scripter, and then gave the script a countdown lead-in so I could accurately sync up the VR scene to the script player. ​


The Experience:


Holy. Shit.


Without giving away any details (for discretion, and to keep my entry idea original), the motions were synced up very well, with the VR woman's gyrations and strokes being communicated to my manhood with relatively good accuracy. I still have some tuning to do to the script. Plus the fact that I wasn't using my hands at all (other than to grab her virtual boobs) made it surreal and immensely stimulating. Her motions get more intense as the 3+-minute scene progresses, and I cannot even try to describe the intense sensations when my completion arrived at the same time as the scene's finale. Mind-blowing isn't quite adequate a term. ​


The conclusion:


The future is VR porn with active accessories. The patent which was holding back companies from creating their own PC-connected devices has expired, and the market is open again. If you have an idea for a connected toy, DEVELOP IT.


Adult VR games can only get better, and with currently available connected toys like the Launch, Lovense Max, and Vorze, it makes the video experience INCREDIBLE. I highly enourage you, if you're into adult VR, to contact the makers of your favorite Adult games, and request they consider adding adult toy support.


I've felt the future of porn games, and it's positively insane.

Favorite Sex Toy to Pair with VR Porn

I've been at this for awhile and I wanted to share about estim and attempt to tear down some of the "kink" associated with it. IMO it is the most pleasurable and immersive sex toy option for VR at the moment. For the uninitiated, estim (electrostimulation) products use combinations of electrodes attached to different parts of your anatomy to pass low voltage through your muscles and soft tissue with the intended result of achieving pleasure (excepting those that configure their experiences specifically for S&M levels of painful intensity.) The types of sensations you can achieve vary with the setup you create but most are indescribably awesome and must be felt to be fully understood.


The short of it is that you can set yourself up to feel like you're you being stroked, milked and ridden completely hands free, unless you feel like tweaking a dial to turn up the pace, alter sensation or modify intensity.


I recommend checking out the Smartstim online community to truly get oriented and build an understanding of capabilities and limitations of the tech. Stay for the creativity: http://smartstim.com/


If you really just want to poke around and look at off the shelf costs or have no idea what I'm talking about here are a few mainstream online retailers. I personally use a simple box from PES and couldn't recommend it more.





Some thoughts on VR Porn

Here’s my thoughts on vr porn. I’ve first experienced it through a Gear VR and now currently I use a Samsung Odyssey, which is a higher end headset. I’ve seen a mix of JAV and western vr. Honestly when it’s done right vr porn surpasses regular 2d porn without any question. If you’ve never experienced vr porn it can be hard to describe. Looking at screenshots of a vr scene or watching it on a 2d monitor just doesn’t do it justice.

The immersion factor is a huge selling point which leads to aspects such as acting and eye contact being incredibly important. Also you really get an amazing sense of scale in vr porn unlike 2d porn. Whether it’s Hitomi’s massive tits or Yuu Shinoda’s ass that’s in your face it really feels like you can just reach out and have a feel.

Now it terms of which is better, jav or western vr, I gotta go with western atm. The main issues with jav vr are censorship, the language barrier and the fact that most scenes are only 30fps compared to 60fps with western scenes. All those can really break immersion and take you out of the scene. So in closing vr porn is not just a gimmick like say 3d porn. It’s here to stay and it’s only gonna keep improving as technology advances. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it out I highly recommend you do. It’s a real game changer.

Make Your Own Ultimate VR Porn Clip [HOWTO]

I know you kinda maybe sorta have one. That one clip…that one 2 minute segment of that one video…the one you wish you could play over and over without using your hands…and mayyyybe that other video with that other part that lasts about 30 seconds. You know the one. Oh, oh and the finisher from that clip. If you could just have those parts playing back to back on repeat with no need to click or manipulate the controls…or maybe just play those two parts about five times in a row with that finisher clip at the end you’d be in nirVRna. ;)


This post is to let you know you that you can make that custom clip way faster and more easily than you thought. For free and with very, very little know how.




The key part here is the free software Davinci Resolve:






Do whatever you like after learning from below but DON'T change the resolution.




Spend a few minutes and watch these after installing and click along if you’d like:


Basics: About 30 min




Cutting: About 17 min




Before you know it you will be dropping the audio out of clips and putting your own custom song in to replace the obnoxious voice of that actress that would otherwise be your favorite. Maybe drop a favorite hypnosis or dirty audio story in there. Use your imagination. This custom approach has taken my VR experience to the next level.




Face Blur: About 10 min




Added this because I know theres many of you out there that have found a perfect body double of your crush and are actually trying to avoid looking at faces and eye contact to keep from destroying the illusion. Getting a good result can take elbow grease. Its not *hard* just time consuming. The results can reeeeeally be worth it depending on your personal taste. I have the feeling if this part caught your attention you may find yourself up at 3am later tweaking individual frames.


Disclaimer/FYI: IANAL but this is all fair use of copyrighted material for personal enjoyment. Don't redistribute copyrighted works and/or trade on the hard work of others for your own personal gain.


TL;DR: Enjoy your 60 min long reverse cowgirl and BJ compilation while never worrying about getting off before the camera switches to a standing position.

my uncle saw me naked watching VR porn (oops!)

Recently I brought one of those VR headset things you put your phone in, it's great fun and watching 3D video is absolutely amazing, especially porn! I decided it'd be fun to send a video to my boyfriend of myself laying on the bed wearing nothing but my VR Goggles and playing with myself while I watch some porn. I set everything up and lay back with the headset on and teased myself into a couple of nice orgasms.


When I watched the video back looking for a good bit to cut out and send him I saw something very shocking, about ten min in my bedroom door opened and I saw my uncle standing there gawping at me! He hovered in the doorway for a while then sliding a hand into his pants stepped forward and stood beside my bed looking down at me and playing with himself, I couldn't believe what I was watching! He pulled his cock out, it was big and hard with large heavy looking balls that swayed back and forth as he slid his hand up and down his thick shaft at a rapid tempo. He held his fat cock inches away from my bare breasts while I teased and stroked myself totally unaware he was there peering at me writhing around and lifting my pussy towards my virtual lover, this was so embarrassing it made me feel sick!


Glancing around my room he found the pile of clothes I'd removed and picked up my dirty knickers, ugh what a creep! I watched disgusted as he pushed them to his nose inhaling deeply and grinning, holding them there while he gazed up between my spread legs and jerked himself. Delicately he licked the gusset of my panties savouring the taste before wrapping them around his cock and using them to jerk with. It was so weird and embarrassing watching myself laying there with my legs spread wide, seeing him watching me fingering my wet pussy and pushing myself into a big orgasm that rocked my body making my exposed breasts shake and the muscles in my thighs convulse. My head span thinking how I'd done all these things totally unaware my uncle was standing feet away jerking his hard cock with my panties.


Then I notice he's got something in his other hand, rewinding the video a bit and watching him I see him slide his phone from his pocket and point the camera at me - he was filming me! He filmed me have a big orgasm then moving it towards my pussy for a close up of the go began slowly panning to my chest and face filming me pant and sweat as I turned my head looking all over the place to follow the action in my virtual world. I felt so violated and vulnerable, it got worse when he shoved his phone back in his pocket though because he hurriedly picked up my wastepaper bin and sprayed a huge load of cum into it then wiped his cock clean on my panties. It was disgusting watching him wipe his dick all over my panties before chucking them back onto my pile of clothes, I felt sick enough before I realised with a flash that was like a punch to the gut that I'd put those knickers back on and was wearing them right now! Disgusted I took them off and rushed to have a shower but I couldn't get the thought of his seed being on me out of my mind.


I don't know how I'll ever be able to look at him again, he lives round the corner and we always come and go at each others houses - I can't believe he'd be so disgusting and perverted towards me. It's my mums birthday next week and he's her brother he's going to be round, he doesn't know I know so I'm either going to have to say something first or pretend it never happened... What would I even say? if I pretend it never happened how am I going to face sitting there knowing he's looking at me remembering what he saw!

Thoughts a on proper vr porn set up (anon on Reddit)

Waaay better than regular porn (2d is pretty much dead to me at this point), much more intimate, engaging and personal...

Even at these beginning stages. You're literally in the scene, women look and feel utterly realistic and life-sized, they look you in your eyes, flirt with you, talk to you (you can "communicate" back of course if you wish lol), you can look around the room, the audio also mostly has that immersive 3d effect to it etc...

The very first time you witness it it's actually comparable to a religious experience in a way IMO (especially if you have never tried VR before in general). I have Oculus Go, which is by all accounts one of the best headsets for VR media viewing right now (games are another matter, but we're not talking about games here).

It's 200$ and its truly incredible value for the money. A completely standalone and cable-free device, no need for "powerful computer" or any other bullshit. Really convenient overall.

And forget all them cheap ass piece of crap Cardboards and shitty 720p pornhub "VR" clips that just pollute the field.

Get yourselves a proper high-tech headset (such as Oculus Go... it's like a night and day difference), then add to that some high-res 4K content from a quality studio (CzechVR & WankzVR are top tier right now in overall quality imo) and i guarantee you'll be blown away.

The cope literally doesn't get any better than this, ESPECIALLY if you're creative a bit (i got quite crazy with it this past month lol) and mix the VR sex experience with: some nice compatible sex toys (fleshlight for example, or even better, one of these super realistic 20lbs fake butt masturbators that you can grab / caress and bounce on your dick, and use in pretty much any position... also, tit toys come really handy in here, so you have something to lick and suck on lol... i'm also planning to get myself a prostate massager shortly, since i read it greatly enhances orgasms).

Drugs (weed is my fav to use currently, alcohol in low-moderate amounts is a nice subtle enhancer also) some low volume sexy music playing in the background (i actually made a playlist recently of personally picked suitable tracks that further enhance the whole thing for me, specifically my "emotional" involvement in the scene... it truly adds to the whole thing) an electric fan blowing on your face / body (this one sounds kinda weird i know, but it really relaxes me for some reason and takes me further away, it's strangely pleasant feeling the wind on your skin, makes you feel like you're floating while screwing a chick lol, great sensations) ...

Ok, so there you have it... My current basic VR porn setup. My closest-to-heaven experience that's available to me on this idiotic planet right now. I wholeheartedly recommend you all to give this a try. It will greatly enhance your existence if you let it.

I see waaay too many horribly depressed guys on here, talking about roping and shit. If you like hot babes being nice to you, this is likely the best 200 dollars you'll ever spend (or at least until the next generation VR hardware comes out lol). It will allow you breathe quite a bit easier.

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