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No fap story from Reddit

So I was on a 25 day streak.

And my friend offered me his HTC Vive for the weekend, since I had told him I have always wanted to play around with it.

Long story short; I couldn't hold my urge. And I downloaded some VR porn, and it was like seeing porn for the first time. I binged two days in a row. Maybe 5 ejaculations in total.

And now I am just fucking done with it. I'm not gonna be mad at myself, because frankly, I just wanna get back on the NoFap train again.

If VR porn is this good now? How will it be in 10 to 20 years from now? Will my future kids be able to resist the urge of this new technology with porn?


/anonymous Reddit user

From Reddit (VR Storytime)

My wife had this weird reaction when I watch porn on my VR heaset.

She feels that this kind of porn is more intimate than the old standard 2D porn. I invited her once to put on the headset and see what I was watching and she thought the sex action felt a little too real for her.

The actresses do really get very close to your face and the interaction albeit simulated is definitely more than anything you would get from just watching porn on your computer screen. Have any of you tried VR porn before?

What did you think of it?

"Healing" (post via Reddit)

oculus go porn

When watching porn I always felt that I was just as bad contributing to the act happening. Sex in exchange for money on camera but would justify it by saying my role is small and I am not actually there doing anything.

Bullshit excuse <strong>6k Vr porn</strong> however changed that, if done just right it can really feel like you are there.

I felt like I was partaking in the act much more and that i should be punished just as much as those doing it will be. I can only imagine how much destruction this will cause in the lives of younger people, completely wreck them. I would find myself crying in the headset and not even enjoying it, i prayed to God and told him that I only want to enjoy sex in the way he intended.

This was a few weeks ago, i randomly came across this really attractive friendly woman with a boyfriend, we decided to be friends.Within 2 days we both just knew we are meant to be together and she left him.

I have never felt anything this powerful in my life before, she is an absolute sweetheart and looks like a supermodel, i feel like the luckiest guy alive, i'm not even handsome.

VR porn is like crack cocaine and I don't care to ever go back to it for any reason.Don't ever doubt the healing power of God or be too big to believe and reach out to Him.If that's the case you deserve to suffer in your addiction alone. thanx for all the support being shared on here

VR Porn was the last straw

I think this probably started a couple months ago when I bought a hitachi wand with his and hers attachments. I forget why, but I think I wasn't getting sex as often as I wanted to and tried to spice things up a bit. It didn't work, but it did solve my problem. Rather than trying to have sex with my SO I was content with having a machine jerk me off.

I binged with it, then put it away and used it infrequently. A couple weeks ago my SO left for a week long trip and I decided to figure out how to get VR porn to work on my Vive.

I'd never really liked POV porn before, but this was another beast entirely. When using it and the wand, I'm guessing I lasted maybe twenty seconds. I don't know quite how to put it, but the VR aspect crossed a line between scratching an itch so I wouldn't be frustrated my SO was scratching it for me, and replacing the real thing.

After she came back I even would sit on the couch with her watching it while she had no idea. We've sort of had sex three times since she got back and I had my VR binge.

Probably a similar situation as a lot of you guys, I haven't been able to be better than semihard for long. The encounter either ended by me getting one too soon or pretending to since I had gotten into my head and things were going downhill fast.

The mental aspect is always the worst, with the self fulfilling question of "is something wrong" that may as well make your dick fall off. The one time I started off hard enough I rushed things trying to power through the problem, and realizing I didn't give her the attention and time she needed killed off any mojo I had going. Today I'm deleting my folders and tossing the toy away.

I don't necessarily think I'm an addict, just a binger, but just standing at the precipice of addiction has been enough to negatively impact my sex life. I hope to go cold turkey, exercise, get out in the sun, and read. The biggest issue I'm going to have is reddit, which does a great job of randomly showing you porn when browsing.

Deleting it off my phone should help quite a bit, since I don't usually use the computer at home ever since I got a desk job. I wasn't paying attention, but I'd guess its been about a week since I've jerked off. The urge to go home and watch porn isn't there. Reading this sub makes it sound like things are going to get worse before they get better if I do have a problem. All I want now is to get back to normal.

Does the acting need to be better in VR porn (or maybe better not to act at all)?

Seems to me that unconvincing acting in VR porn is as much of a screen door effect as things like low resolution and latency. The point of VR is that you're supposed to be really in the scene, and mostly (apart from 'voyeur' pov scenes) actually having sex rather than watching it.

I know most 2D porn has always had thin plots with cardboard acting, but it doesn't matter because you're only fapping away to the tits and ass on screen anyway. The plots only serve to 'set the scene', rather than try to suspend disbelief in the viewer.

So do people agree that good acting is more important in VR porn and studios should be aware of this? And maybe studios should even experiment with a more natural approach, either with models new to porn, or more pornstars giving a 'GFE' where there is an acknowledgement that the girl is having sex with somebody in a VR headset.

The best 'reality porn' in my opinion is found at sites such as FTV Girls or Czech Casting, where the girls aren't doing much acting at all. Perhaps virtual reality porn should try that kind of approach?

Me [21F], my bf [21M] and my friend [24F] just had a threesome while I was watching VR porn

Hey, this was definitely one of the weirdest, funniest and best experiences we done. Me and my bf are here for all questions! My friend do sometimes join us in threesomes! But this was the first time we did something like this. It started with her just joining us for dinner and we talked about VR because me and my bf just bought a VR headset.

Somehow later in the conversation we started talking about VR porn and how it would feel. We thought like, wouldn't it feel somehow disappointing or strange, because with the VR it should feel like you are there but you can't feel anything they are doing to you, just your own boring hand. So I said that maybe in the future you would somehow also feel like you're there.

Then I came up with a idea and jokingly said, "or you could just have one or two, depending on the video, friends which are willing to try to make you feel like you are there." And we all laughed and said yeah that would be funny. Later that night I couldn't get the thought out of my head and wanted to try it out! So while watching some football I went and got the VR headset and came back into the living room and said "please would you two be my nice friends, I can't get the thought out of my head, I want to try it out. Please!"

My friend and my bf watched each other and started laughing but then my bf said "sure, if she wants to" which she did. And that's how it happened! We are doing this again soon, now all of us wants to try having the VR headset on!

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