Sex Chat Live in VR! 

You know we just LOVE the Oculus Go right?

Well so does China! Typically, hardware from Western markets is difficult to sell in Asian countries but the MI VR sold out within a day and is now limit due to stock availability.

Some stores have reported that their stock was sold within minutes, which is incredible!


Greenlight Insights (XR intelligence firm) estimates, show that 30k Oculus Go / Mi VR headsets were sold within just 24 hours, and like I just mentioned that was limited only by the amount of ready stock. At the Xiaomi site they sold all of theirs in just thee minutes! At all of the 32 Gigabyte versions were soold in a few hours. This is huge news and just goes to show that Oculus really know their product.

On the official Mi VR website 50k potential customers have signed up to be notified when more of the headsets will be available after the stock has been replenished.

The current sales figures show that 33.3k 32Gb headsets old, and 24k of the 64Gb version - and both are entirely sold out.

Good job China! So happy that they're just as excited about the Oculus Go as we are, looking forward to meeting and playing with you all in Virtual Reality : )