Sex Chat Live in VR! 

My boyfriend (19) has a VR headset and he’s mentioned VR porn before but I never really thought much about It.

Today however we were just generally chitchatting over text and he said he’d had a good day, downloaded some horror simulators for his headset and also watched some VR porn.

Now I’ve never watched VR porn but from what I’ve heard it sounds like it’s made to look like you’re having sex with someone else, and if so, this really freaks me out. So for any guys, or even girls (specifically in relationships) who use VR porn could you maybe enlighten me as to why you use it?

The main thing that creeps me out is the fact my boyfriend would want to imagine he’s having sex with someone else? I don’t know, am I just overreacting or would anybody else feel the same? I struggle to accept my body as it is as I deal with an eating disorder, so my negative mind is now telling me he prefers his VR porn sessions rather than having sex with me.

It just makes me feel slightly insecure, but I think when I see him tomorrow I’ll bring it up to him as we’re very open and I don’t want this to worry me.

I’d just like some advice if anybody has any to give on this situation :)