oculus go porn

When watching porn I always felt that I was just as bad contributing to the act happening. Sex in exchange for money on camera but would justify it by saying my role is small and I am not actually there doing anything.

Bullshit excuse <strong>6k Vr porn</strong> however changed that, if done just right it can really feel like you are there.

I felt like I was partaking in the act much more and that i should be punished just as much as those doing it will be. I can only imagine how much destruction this will cause in the lives of younger people, completely wreck them. I would find myself crying in the headset and not even enjoying it, i prayed to God and told him that I only want to enjoy sex in the way he intended.

This was a few weeks ago, i randomly came across this really attractive friendly woman with a boyfriend, we decided to be friends.Within 2 days we both just knew we are meant to be together and she left him.

I have never felt anything this powerful in my life before, she is an absolute sweetheart and looks like a supermodel, i feel like the luckiest guy alive, i'm not even handsome.

VR porn is like crack cocaine and I don't care to ever go back to it for any reason.Don't ever doubt the healing power of God or be too big to believe and reach out to Him.If that's the case you deserve to suffer in your addiction alone. thanx for all the support being shared on here


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