Sex Chat Live in VR! 

Some techy news! (I am a complete nerd btw). You can now join's premium service with Litecoin! Why is this good news? Litecoin is not managed by a central authority, it's anonymous and easy to use.

Litecoin Cryptocurrency is a great option for porn related content because it’s not only anonymous but it removes the middleman and has low fees.


VR porn is a hot subject right now and it is continuing to be a growing trend and is the biggest virtual reality site in the world with millions of visitors a month. Premium has been referred to as the “Netflix of VR Porn” by some major news outlets and porn sites because it offers nearly a thousand full VR experiences, from over 25 different top studios from around the world, all in a single subscription membership (which can be stopped at anytime without hassle, and 'vrporn' isn't mentioned on the bill in case you're wondering!). decided on Litecoin as the first cryptocurrency to accept because it is a top-tier coin with many unique benefits for the end-user. Litecoin’s fast confirmation times, low fees, and liquidity make it perfect for payments to adult websites. Litecoin also has a fantastic development team and strong community behind it.

Also notable is that Litecoin has a very secure and robust network. It’s one of the longest running coins and has an immense amount of hash power behind it. Further, the network is well-distributed, making it very difficult to be hacked.

Porn often helps drive technology, and this can be seen in the field of virtual reality, and now cryptocurrency. Virtual reality is the perfect space for virtual currency to grow.