Sex Chat Live in VR! 

What is VRSexyTime about?

We just love our Oculus Go's and oculus go porn, so my partner and I decided to create this website! Here we'll be putting our own article and others peoples experiences from Reddit. 

About us!

My name is Reggie and I'm here to welcome you into our world of VR SexyTime! My wife Jessica and I have been experimenting with VR porn on the Oculus Go in the bedroom for quite a while now, but either of us was able to find many websites talking about it, so we decided to do it ourselves.

Currently, we're just watching different types of VR porn videos and each wearing an Oculus Go. These devices are state of the art virtual reality headsets that allow you to watch 3D VR porn "on the Go" - Pun intended!   


The Oculus Go is great for viewing porn for many reasons, but the main reasons are that it is lightweight, portable (no cables), and cheap compared to the bigger brother (Oculus Rift) - which can set you back over $1000 depending on your computer. 

"Is the quality as good as the expensive headsets?"

To our surprise, Oculus Go porn is actually a superior experience in many ways. The lenses are better so the quality of the video is much cleaner and sharper, take that into consideration plus the reasons mentioned above and you really can't go wrong. 

With the backing of Facebook, we also know that these headsets aren't a flash in the pan, in-fact Oculus aims to have nearly two million VR headsets out by the end of the year which will far surpass the amount of other VR headsets. YAY!